About Keyboard Connections

With over 20 years of experience in music and 10 years of experience in teaching private piano lessons, Keyboard Connections has developed a state of the art music studio to help kids learn music through the piano. We believe that music is a great exercise for the brain and research shows that children who study music are smarter. It also helps with brain development. Through the disipline of learning music, there is a transfer of communicative and cognitive study skills that become useful in every part of life. Children who study music have a higher self esteem and better success in school. It is never too late to learn the universal language of music. For the adult beginner, it is a timeless hobby that yields a lifetime of enrichment and fun!

Music is invaluable. It is a wonderful means of expression: physically, emotionally, and spiritually.



What is a Piano Lab?

The Piano Lab consists of 10 full sized Roland digital pianos connected together along with the teacher. Everyone wears headphones which enables the teacher to listen to them individually or as a group.


Linda Chapman is educated in the art of music and elementary education with the following credentials:

  • Graduated from Texas Tech with a Bachelor of Music Degree in Performance
  • Elementary Education Degree from Wayland Baptist University
  • Music Teacher since 1990
  • Designed and Implemented Piano Lab at Lubbock-Cooper North Elementary
  • Private Piano Teacher for over 10 years
  • Music Certified K-12